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Access Control Systems


أنظمة التحكم في فتح الأبواب والبوابات

Access Control Systems
Payroll HR Time Attendance System Software
Time Attendance Systems


أنظمة الحضور الإنصراف

Time Attendance System

This standalone system can be applied for Time & Attendance system with Function keys on it. Function keys allow user to define various time & attendance situations such as attendance, leaving, and so on. Even user lost their RF card, they are able to access with personal PIN number. Online & offline solutions by fingerprint & proximity cards.

The Standalone System

This is the most cost effective solution for access control system up to card holders can be registered. System can be operated by various modes such as RF card, PIN or RF card + PIN. Optionally, user can adopt software to collect data via RS232C.

Network System

The most of products are expandable up to 32EA and it allows users to control remote site as well. Time schedule and Group can be set to achieve high security control. Program allows to control all functions and collect data in real time. All imaginations from customers can be real.


  • Face Recognition
  • Palm Recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • Proximity Smart Cards
  • QR & Barcode
  • Pin Code


أنظمة الذكاء الإصطناعى وتحليل الصورة التقني

Customizable parameters or pre-set motion detection, Flow control, perimeter defense, object detection, loitering detection, congregating crowds, illegal parking, traffic management, human tracking and object counting with 4x count graph. Up to x15 increased performance with CPU offload to Nvidia cuda GPU.

Motion detection and Human tracking

Video analytics can be very effective in intrusion detection by detecting motion in restricted times or track a certain human to detect illegal behaviors.

Loitering detection and Flow control

Loitering detection playing an important role in preventing destructive behavior and provide an early alarm for congregating, also flow control helps to reduce congestion in people paths.

Object detection

Object detection has many important applications specially in banks and museums where attempts to move safes, statues and valuable objects have the most probability. Video analytics can also detect if any object left in the area which reducing any terrorism action.

Traffic management and illegal parking

Video analytics can detect any traffic violation (High speed, Wrong direction and more). Also parking management solution is an effective solution to detect parking violation and manage the parking system.

Smoke & Fire Detection

Fire & smoke Detection allow the video system to detect fire and smoke alerting controllers or sending remote message to alarm receivers. Particularly useful in large or open areas where it is impractical to deploy standard fire detection equipment.

Point of Sale (POS)

View and playback transactions with sale detail overlaid on the video for detection of fraud. Search transactions and set automatic detection of suspicious transactions, refunds, operational errors and more .View and manage multiple stores from multiple locations.


أنظمة المراقبة عن بعد وغرف إتخاذ القرار

EGITS offers a special solution for central monitoring stations and control room. EGITS RMS (Remote Mobile Surveillance) provide central stations with

  • Location independence
  • Mobility ( Station can be based in a vehicle)
  • Effective and fast deployment

IP CCTV Solutions

NVR Pros’ IP CCTV Solutions provide practical surveillance applications for the real world. Our Network CCTV systems are designed to tackle modern security concerns from people, traffic & environment management to profit loss reduction and mobile surveillance. NVR Pros also design IP surveillance solutions from concept to supply and integration.

Rapid Deployment CCTV

Introducing the Rugged NVR, capable of Rapid Deployment CCTV around cities, trouble hotspots, remote areas, borders, during protests or demonstrations and in vehicles. The easy lamppost clamping unit features a PTZ IP camera with up to 32x zoom with advanced video analytics. Typical applications include its use for traffic management, crowd control and surveillance of vulnerable areas with a choice of 3G, WiFi, Satellite or wired video transmission options. Featuring ANPR, congregating crowds, illegal parking notification.

Video Analytics

The first NVR to bring video analytics to the street allows new breakthroughs in crime reduction and controlled area management. Through the range of NVR Pros’ rapid deployment, fixed or mobile IP surveillance solutions, our on-site video analytics can offer live notification, recording and response to illegal parking, congregating crowds, unattended objects, missing objects, border & perimeter protection, traffic direction, object counting and much more facilitating more efficient management of controlled areas. (Read more about video analytics) Link to Video Analytics.

Retail Loss Prevention

A strong performing solution designed to reduce internal and external shrinkage as well as monitoring staff, store and day to day financial performance. Loss prevention solutions include the facility to monitor till transactions with rule based alerts based on custom defined settings such as high value refund, high number of refunds, low transaction value in high ticket store with live remote video, transaction overlay on video and data mining for management review.

Wireless IP Surveillance

Wireless IP CCTV surveillance solutions for single building, point to point, wide area wireless network and mobile to satellite video transmission. Various solutions are available to enable remote IP surveillance over wireless networks where cables are impractical or unattractive.

Mobile Surveillance

NVR Pros’ Pure Mobile and Rugged NVR range open new opportunities to conduct surveillance in harsh or remote environments with the added benefit of on-site recording and video analytics to automaton and other software tasks. With a variety of data transmission options from 3G/GPRS networks to Satellite, Broadband and Wi-Fi, our mobile surveillance products offer endless applications from vehicle, rapid, remote, hidden, unattended solutions to as far as the imagination can stretch.

Remote IP CCTV

With extensive experience in remote video transmission, NVR Pros can offer a variety of remote CCTV solutions from application or browser based remote access to live high definition video streams in real time. Web page and large audience streaming is also possible as well as broadcast to mobile devices such as mobile phones & PDA’s. IP video can be transmitted or distributed over broadband, WiFi, Wireless, Satellite, PSTN, ISDN, 3G, GPRS to cabled solutions such as coax, UTP to fiber optic.

High Definition Video

The NVR Pros’ NVR & software suite are capable of recording Megapixel video offering high definition [HD] video. Megapixel images offer great detail and clarity as well as sharp vivid coloring allowing the opportunity to scrutinize video more closely in order to achieve detailed analysis of events.

Integrated security system monitoring

This allows the operator to observe and monitor every single action in perimeter. EGITS provides a graphical schematic for the premises in order to help the operator to take a fast and efficient action.

Access control
Monitoring every door and window and receive an alarm if a door or a window left open.
Security system
Monitoring alarms form the system (break glass, gas leakage, liquid leakage, unauthorized motion.)
Fire alarm system
Monitor any alarm from fire alarm system and take the proper action
Entrance Gates
Receives alarm for any security breach at the gates


محطات وغرف وأجهزة المراقبة المركزية

EGITS Monitoring station is a very powerful efficient central station which allows the operator to monitor the surveillance system (IP and analog cameras) and the integrated security system and provide the operator with a full vision of the premises.

Surveillance system monitoring

Advanced IP Camera Surveillance software allowing the user to view up to 64 cameras on a single screen with multi split screen views of 1, 4, 9, 13, 16, 36 and 64 cameras. Floating panels allow simultaneous monitoring of system health, e-map, alarms, playback & live video all at once. Virtual Matrix allows connection of up to 8+ monitors per PC for flexible & pro-active video monitoring. NEW digital zoom feature.

Advanced playback

First NVR software to feature instant video playback option. Search video by calendar, timeline, date, time, alarm event, or by file with simultaneous live view.. Add smart tags to video in real time for easy retrieval. Features step by frame, image export and playback speed functions. View recorded video from any remote site. Multi-Screen playback with pop out spot screen. Includes batch export for easy video archive & backup.

Functionality Compatibility

CMS Central monitoring station to monitor & control all IP & CCTV cameras, access control devices, wireless home security panels with online communication with security officers and EGITS main monitoring station. EGITS provides security officers with full security systems training for our clients and their security officers.

IP CCTV Camera Software Features

  • Mulit System Operation
  • 4ch, 8ch, 16ch, 32, 64, 128, 256 …etc  channel version supporting Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server08, 32/64+ bit
  • 4 ch, 8ch, 16ch LITE version, software bundle for IP cameras, PC’s, media/telco services
  • Software records IP cameras from multiple camera manufacturers
  • Supports USB webcams, Analogue capture cards & IPTV streams
  • Megapixel IP Camera support up to 1920×1080 HD, frame rate up to 60 fps per camera
  • Dual Video & Audio stream capture per camera (where supported(
  • Connect to multi-sites or servers for scalable system of many cameras & sites
  • Windows Media, MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264,H265, h265+ .ASF compliant
  • Customize recording bandwidth & outgoing bandwidth for each camera
  • RS-232 & Digital I/O support, external audio support
  • PTZ presets, tour support, Sequence & Pelco D PTZ keyboards via RS232
  • Multi-Level password access, authentication
  • English, French, German, Finnish, Polish, Lithuanian Languages

Live Monitoring

  • Simple user interface with numbered camera buttons or detailed tree view
  • 4/8/16/32/64 CH. split screen views, view cameras at once all or split into groups
  • Split cameras into groups, customize each group view, sequence groups
  • Multi monitor Virtual Matrix supports up to 6 monitors per client / server / PC
  • Auto or manual video tagging system for easy video retrieval, event bookmarking
  • EMAP Function simply add cameras + alarm event buttons for live event action
  • Spot monitor + 3 x Spot monitor for Emap, alarm events
  • Video pop-up on alarm with custom sound & color presentation
  • Pelco D- P PTZ control protocol support with onscreen joystick display
  • PTZ presets, tour support for multiple cameras / manufacturers
  • Motion Detection as standard with video analytics on advanced versions
  • Embed / Broadcast video from cameras to webpages
  • System Log, E-Map, Spot Screen, Digital Zoom,Support High Definition video with Nvidia Cuda Acceleratio

Recording, Playback & Backup

  • Continuous, Motion detection or scheduled recording
  • Auto delete files after user defined number of days
  • Record from local & remote cameras and NVR’s
  • Database recording file system for near instant video playback
  • Video saved as ASF file for easy playback with standard media player
  • Customize video & audio recording compression & bandwidth settings
  • Dual playback screen inc play, pause, step frame, add bookmark tag on screen1
  • Multiscreen view with scrollable timeline & calendar search on screen 2
  • Easy image snapshot + video export to local or removable device in native format
  • Backup single or multiple video channels by date & time to HD/CD/DVD
  • Digital Zoom on playback video

Remote Access

  • Remote Access via software or IE web browser for unlimited users
  • Real time video stream to Windows Media Player, broadcast able to 1000’s of viewers
  • Remote access to video via another PC with EyeSoft over Internet
  • Client license for remote viewing only, available in 10 pack
  • Remote access to alarm events, video analytics data, POS transactions
  • E-Mail alarm notification with picture attachment
  • Customize video broadcast settings for each camera for remote access
  • RTSP Streaming Engine for streaming to 3rd party software & mobile devices (NEW)

Custom Video Settings

  • Video filters for deinterlace, region masking
  • Add OSD time, date & camera name stamp
  • Custom text overlay tag filter via SDK
  • Customize video or audio recording bandwidth, compression complexity, smoothness

Video Management

  • Manage multiple sites, cameras, alarms from globally distributed systems
  • Build control room and multi monitor surveillance solutions
  • Remote NetConnect service for remote alarm & event management
  • Stack multiple servers to build large scale systems with multiple operators

Video Analytics

  • Local & remote alarm / event alerts
  • Local & remote POS & data injection overlay
  • Video Pop-Up on Alarm (local & remote)
  • Analytics & Video Decode Offload Engine, offload processing from CPU to NVidia Cuda GPU

Object counting statistics graph with 4 counter comparison, historical data | motion detection | abandoned object detection | missing object | object counting | direction of travel | illegal parking | virtual fence | illegally stopped | congregating crowds | POS till transaction recording | image blurred | scene changed | advanced human tracking | fire & smoke detection.


أنظمة تذاكر الجراجات والتحكم في دخول وخروج السيارات

EGITS offers a comprehensive range of car park solutions that increase operational efficiency, improve user experience and maximize car park revenue.

Automated car park ticket and pay machines help cars to flow freely in and out of your car park. Having the right automated parking system where tickets are dispensed, ensures no unauthorized access to your premises. We supply and install different types of automatic pay stations and ticket machines.

EGITS offers free quotes and on-site consultations. One of our expert technicians will meet you at your site to assess your needs, your premises, and to make recommendations and suggestions. We will then see the project through installation and always be on hand for maintenance and repairs.

EGITS stands behind its work and offers a lifetime guarantee. All of our parts and equipment are backed by a two-year warranty. We pride ourselves on quality equipment, parts, and craftsmanship.

Integrated CERTPARK Ticketing System

Ideal for large parking system in commercial and professional applications. CERTPARK can be customized and programmed to suite any large car park complex. The system is controlled through local server to interfaces with the entry/exit stations, license plate recognition, payment on exit, vehicle counting, access control through RFID and payment terminal station with validation. The tickets used are fan fold format with a 2d barcode.

Stand Alone CERTPARK Ticketing System

Ideal for smaller car parks, this system is for collective and commercial parking solutions with the ability to operate exclusively in “stand-alone” mode. Operation between the different devices of the parking system and calculation of tariff are managed through the issue of a ticket fan folder with ac2D barcode and reading via optical module with integrated motion detection function. The posts can be combined with other stations to automate up to a maximum of 8 entrances and exits. The CERTPARK is capable of integrating standalone validation points, payment terminals, access control and GSM intercoms.

System Components

  • Road Barriers (2/3/4/5/6/8 meter)
  • Photo cell OR Loop detector
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • Cashier Software & Readers
  • Ticket Collectors
  • Membership Readers & software
  • Visitors Invitation QR Readers

System Tickets

  • RF 125Khz Proximity Cards
  • Mifare Proximity Cards
  • Thermal Tickets Cards
  • 1D & QR 2D Barcode
  • RF Coins
  • Face Recognition OR Finger print
  • Magnetic Strip Cards


أنظمة قراءة وتسجيل لوحات السيارات والتحكم في البوابات

EGITS offers a very strong solution for Vehicle access control, traffic violation and parking system depending on vehicle plate number using very reliable video analytics software.

EGITS ANPR allows for the capturing, recognizing, and storing of license plates containing both Arabic and Latin characters at very high recognition rates. In addition to exceptional character recognition, EGITS system is able to recognize the colors of license plates, very important when plates have to be uniquely identified by color due to similar plate numbers such as the current situation in EGYPT. Once the information is extracted from the number plate, it can then be cross-matched with any number of agency watch-lists, and send real time alerts for quick actions.

1- Vehicle Access control

Highly secure areas often serve the interest of the country. They include the likes of:

  • Petrochemical and industrial companies
  • Airports and seaports
  • Government agencies
  • Military sites
  • Residential areas

These areas are highly sensitive and often see a high turnover of vehicles entering and exiting their premises. Employees, suppliers, and visitors all represent different classes, requiring different access rights.

EGITS ANPR technology, combined with barriers, helps control the flow of vehicles in and out of a premises and identify vehicle types such as employee, taxi, or unregistered. Therefore if an employee is entering or exiting, the camera reads the plate number and determines if the vehicle has access or not. The system can also be set to grant access during specific times; for example between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

2- Traffic violation

More and more cars find their way on to our highways and roads every day. The challenge for enforcement authorities becomes how to efficiently and effectively provide safety and security to law-abiding motorist and pedestrians. Many times increasing human resource is insufficient; technology is needed to fill the gaps.
Our solutions empower authorities by allowing faster, more reliable real time information to flow from the highways and roads to designated control rooms. As vehicles speed pass the ANPR cameras, their plate numbers are captured then automatically processed against a watch list. Cameras are typically positioned on an overhead gantry for optimal viewing of plate numbers.
A live overview traffic camera allows authorities to monitor traffic conditions such as accidents and violations in real time. Real time information makes for quicker response times and safer roads.
Therefore, by applying our ANPR technology, authorities can remotely monitor highways and roadways without having to add man power. Instead the same human resources can be applied to respond to safety and security threats making for a more efficient and effective enforcement system.

3- Parking system

Most parking operations suffer from a lack of knowing who their customers are and how often they use the facilities. Parking areas already use barriers to control access, so they are a natural candidate for integrating an ANPR system in order to increase safety and provide statistical information, information that can be used to grant loyalty rewards or provide other value added services.

ANPR also solves the problem of lost ticket cases which can lead to lost revenue since the max charges may not cover the cost of time. With our ANPR solution, the attendant simply inputs the plate number and is able to view a photo of the vehicle along with entry dates and times, eliminating false claims.

System Controllers can receive alerts when unauthorized or unregistered vehicles reach a gate. Also, management reports, such as traffic flow summaries and queries can be generated, a powerful tool in evaluating operational and security procedures. Images and data may also be stored for future reference.

EGITS ANPR solutions can also be linked with government agencies, which provide updated lists of wanted vehicles, improving communication times between authorities and potential targets as well as increasing the chance of preventing an incident.
Our capabilities in EGITS are endless as we maintain to upgrade them regularly and up on the Latest in technology related to the security products in all categories.


أنظمة تأمين المنتجعات والكومباوندات والمجتمعات السكنية

EGITS offers an integrated solution for residential areas and compounds providing the ultimate in perimeter protection and reliable security to grantee a safe, comfort and high tech life.

In compound security EGITS covers

  • Entrance
  • Fence
  • Streets
  • Mall, Club, Hospital, Banks and administration buildings
  • Control and Operation Rooms
  • Inside house security

Entrance security

In Entrance security EGITS provide a complete secure point Which covers:

  • Road blockers: To prevent any unauthorized vehicle from passing through the entrance
  • Road barrier : a Mandatory solution to stop the vehicle while checking confirming identity
  • Access control system with RF Cards for the owners to maintain the fast, smooth and secure entrance
  • Security guards to maintain order, scanning & verifying identities and secure the entrance
  • Cameras to monitor any activity or loitering with auto number plate recognition
  • Metal detector gates for individuals entrance

Fence security

Fence around the compound will be secured with:

  • Cameras with virtual fence video analytics to detect any intruder along the fence
  • Electric fence to prevent any person from jumping over the fence
  • Patrol cars around the fence carrying security guards

Streets security

  • Cameras to monitor the strategic places (Mosque, Church,etc) in order to monitor any loitering or irresponsible behavior
  • Patrol cars and guards
  • Emergency phone cabinet for emergency situations connected with operation room

Mall, Club, Hospital, Banks and administration buildings

These places are very vital so they requires a special level of security

  • Security guards at the entrances
  • Metal detector and X-ray gates (optional)
  • Cameras for surveillance inside and outside the building
  • Access control system for employees and members
  • Intrusion detection system (Glass break detectors, Door &window contact, PIR)
  • Fire alarm system

Control and Operation rooms

  • This room is the core of the systems contains servers, monitors and all control equipment
  • Also it is directly connected with the nearest police station and armed forces
  • All operators inside control room are high trained on all security systems.

Inside house security

  • Armored doors
  • Electric locks (pin code, RF card or finger print)
  • Glass film for windows
  • Integrated security system( Glass break detector, Gas leakage, Liquid leakage ,Fire alarm)
  • Intercom( Over IP connected with compound Gates)
  • Home automation (Light control , A.C , Curtains)


أنظمة تأمين المتاحف والآثار والأماكن السياحية

EGITS offers an integrated solution for Museums providing the ultimate in perimeter protection and reliable security to grantee the security of all precious pieces inside the museumز

In Museums security solution EGITS covers

  • Entrance
  • Fence
  • Inside Museum
  • Stores & Antiques
  • Control and Operation Rooms

Entrance security

In Entrance security EGITS provide a complete secure point Which covers:

  • Road blockers: To prevent any unauthorized vehicle from passing through the entrance
  • Road barrier : a Mandatory solution to stop the vehicle while checking confirming identity
  • Access control system with RF Cards for employees to maintain the fast, smooth and secure entrance
  • Security guards to maintain order, scanning & verifying identities and secure the entrance
  • Cameras to monitor any activity or loitering with auto number plate recognition
  • Metal detector and X-ray gates for individuals entrance.

Fence security

Fence around the museum will be secured with:

  • Cameras with virtual fence video analytics to detect any intruder along the fence
  • Electric fence to prevent any person from jumping over the fence
  • Patrol cars around the fence carrying security guards

Inside Museum

Any museum contains very precious pieces of art (portraits, statues, and jewels) these are a priority to secure, and EGITS capable of this mission through:

  • Wireless security system (Glass break sensors, electric contact sensors for valuable pieces, PIR detector to detect any motion in restricted areas or at restricted time, Gas and Liquid leakage).
  • Beam detectors for the very valuable objects.
  • IP Cameras with video analytics to detect if certain object is removed or left inside the museum and also fire detection.
  • Fire alarm system.
  • Patrol security guards.

Stores & Antiques

  • We Protect the walls by Vibration & Break Glass Detectors,
  • We Protect the roof & floor by almost same way
  • Protecting the Doors by Armored
  • Protecting Entrance by Access Control Systems
  • Protecting each inch and cover it by CCTV Security Cameras.

Control and Operation rooms

  •  This room is the core of the systems contains servers, monitors and all control equipment
  • Also it is directly connected with the nearest police station and armed forces
  • All operators inside control room are high trained on all security systems.


Our capabilities in EGITS are endless as we maintain to upgrade them regularly and up on the Latest in technology related to the security products in all categories.



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