Fire Alarm System Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Alarm System Fire Fighting

Fire alarm and detection systems. We ensure smart fire safety for buildings and challenging applications, We provide Wide range of detectors & Control Panels, Conventional & Addressable, With our Smart Wired & Wireless Intruder alarm systems. Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Siren, Glass Breakage, Beam Detectors, Flame Detectors, Fire Alarm Panels, Modules…


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CDX range offers one of the most extensive product portfolios available, providing solutions for most conventional fire detection applications as well as security systems, due to its wide operating voltage range (9.5~30 Vdc).


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ESP intelligent (Analogue Addressable range) is suitable for even the most demanding environments and incorporates high performance sensors, a wide selection of input and output modules and ancillaries.

Globally Proven Product Design

Hochiki’s CDX range of automatic fire detection and alarm equipment is
designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, offering life safety products and systems of incomparable reliability.


This extensive range of products simplifies installation, minimises cost and allows seamless integration. Specified in many prestigious buildings, Hochiki’s conventional range of products is the premier choice for system designers.

Hochiki’s ESP intelligent range of addressable fire detection and alarm equipment has been designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, offering a solution of incomparable reliability. All products use Hochiki’s high integrity digital communications link ‘Enhanced Systems Protocol’ (ESP), giving the range its name.

Hochiki’s addressable fire detection equipment is controlled by ESP (Enhanced Systems Protocol), a high integrity communications platform ensuring virtually error-free communications between the fire alarm control panel and the fire sensing equipment located in the protected areas.


Fire Alarm Detectors, Beams, Modules

Conventional Detectors

Foremost in the range is the SOC-E3N Photoelectric Smoke detector. Utilising Hochiki’s high performance, flat response chamber technology, it provides a high level of false alarm immunity whilst maintaining a superior fire detection capability. It exceeds all requirements of EN54 standards and is unrivalled by any competitor’s technology.

Beam Detectors

The CDX range also offers and ‘end to end’ style Beam Smoke Detector, comprising an emitter and a receiver unit. Beam Smoke Detectors are designed to protect large spaces up to 1500m2 (per device).

Flame Detectors

Conventional Flame Detectors is based on Infra-Red technology. The range includes both single and triple IR frequency variants. Flame detectors identify Infra-Red radiation emitted from flames during combustion. A hand-held Flame Detector Tester offers a flame-free method of testing the Infra-Red series of detectors

Waterproof Detector IP67 Rated

Environments which are subject to high levels of condensation or water-spray such as industrial fridges or food preparation areas can be protected by Waterproof (IP67) Fixed Temperature (60°C) Heat Detector.

Marine Approved LPCB & MED

Hochiki’s Marine Approved Conventional Range of products is based on the globally-proven CDX range and all products have been approved for use by DNV-GL and are ideal for applications such as ships and oil rigs.

IS & Explosion Proof LPCB & MED

Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-Proof and SIL Approved Conventional products have been designed and approved for hazardous area use by LPCB and Germanischer Lloyd.

Addressable Sensors

The ESP range houses a variety of intelligent products including; high performance sensors, flexible input and output modules and an assortment of ancillaries. Recently expanded, the range now also features a highly sophisticated CO multi-sensor with 24 modes of operation and a 10-year CO cell life.  ESP devices are suitable for even the most demanding environments and in many cases, we can offer a marine approved.

Input & Output Interfaces

A comprehensive range of Input and Output interfaces covers all of the normal integration requirements, from connecting an existing conventional zone to shutting down smoke dampers, closing fire doors and preventing the use of elevators.  There is also provision for 24 V to be obtained from the device loop, allowing additional equipment to be powered. All Hochiki interfaces have multiple Input / Output functionality.

Audio / Visual VADs and Sounders

Loop powered sounders and beacons can also provide considerable savings through the reduction of installation costs. These devices consume exceptionally low levels of electrical current and maximise the loop’s capacity.

A range of EN54-23 compliant visual alarm devices (VADs) are also available, third-party approved and designed to exceed the demands of the standard to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Fire Alarm Panels & Software

4/8/16 Zones Conventional Fire Alarm Panels & Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

L@titude – a powerful & sophisticated control & indication system

The all new L@titude product range of fire alarm control equipment combines the very latest hardware and software to produce a control and indication system, which is powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand.

No situation requires a more urgent response than a fire event. On a large public site, especially during busy periods, public safety is paramount. A powerful and sophisticated software solution, L@ti-View gives building managers complete monitoring and control over fire detection, providing a comprehensive fire risk and incident management system. Where time is of the essence, site managers can respond quickly and efficiently to a fire event. L@ti-View plays a crucial role in safeguarding people, vitally important information and property.

Powerful and Sophisticated Software Solution


  • Supports dual screens, allowing a dedicated screen for the 2D location images and a separate screen for listing active events and system management.
  • Powerful event log filtering and reporting.
  • Manage the state of the fire system using a combination of graphical images and system controls.
  • Full map navigation using configurable buttons or map areas.
  • Perform device and zone disablements/enablements.


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Whatever your business, wherever you work, EGITS Fire Fighting solutions can be designed to protect your team and your operations. Our fire protection solutions include intelligent smoke and heat detectors, conventional & networked system controls, and the largest portfolio of fire suppression agents in the industry. it is all designed, installed & maintained by EGITS Fire Systems Solutions.

Water Fighting System

EGITS offers optimal service at all levels. Fire Protection systems use normal water, converting it to fine water mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar. These water mist systems are not only 100% environmentally friendly but water mist systems are often more effective than conventional gas or water firefighting equipment. EGITS is a market leader for land-based water mist systems. Our primary aim is to continuously improve the protection of person and property with our water mist systems.

CO2 Fire Fighting

Co2 is probably heavy gas, is heavier than oxygen and therefore falls quickly on the burnt area covered and isolates them oxygen, also has high cold helps to lower the temperature and thus inhibition of the combustion process. These cylinders red color, with a large nozzle, with a scale of pressure, gas-filled second compressed carbon oxidized in its liquid state and when used outside rushes roller in the case of gas as a result of the pressure drop. 

FM200 Fire Fighting

The FM- 200 System SIEX Used as extinguishing agent HFC – 277ea ( FE -227 ) is colorless, odorless, electrically nonconductive and suitable for both Class A fires ( solids) and for class B fires ( flammable) liquids. It is an effective agent in protecting electrical hazards, such as computer rooms, server room , store room , … etc. It’s power of extinction is high , for Class A fires.

Foam Fire Fighting

Foam is a group of small bubbles combined air-filled, formed from an aqueous solution, and features. These bubbles that it is less dense than liquid combustible or flammable, and also less dense than Water is also characterized by its ability to adhesion surface of the burning liquid fuel, leading to the separation of fuel From the air, and prevent fuel vapors from escalating to the ambient air, cooling the fuel and to a lesser degree of Ignition temperature, and then to put out the fire.


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