Time Attendance System in Egypt


Installation process in EGITS profile committing the best and most reliable fault-free methods to achieve the best results and peace of mind for our clients. Our installers team is with high end engineering back ground and utilized to deal with most complicated scenarios to drive through difficulties using their wide experience and solid base of know-how. Installation process in EGITS is a serious issue that we observe eagle wise all related installed systems in our client’s location considering the integration between different systems and the upgrading process to find a room once heading to.

Our installation process is always headed by experienced engineers and observed by our expertise to approve before handing over to clients. Our team is fully qualified to work our products installation and all related network issues more over our contracted civil work companies are the most reputed and professionals in the field.


In EGITS we are the first ever who initiated the concept of a training academy to maintain the level of our business partners to be always in professional manners and up to date if not beyond the technology by committing their views to refine all existing security products to match
most with our community needs and threats.

EGITS ACADEMY is the first in Middle East to train companies and individuals to drive and maintain their experience in the field to the top and edge of technology. In EGITS ACADEMY we train individuals who show a real interest in the business and we manage with them to become in the market on their own to start building their career for life. In that we do not only build the content, we also support our future partners to go in the market with full confidence and most support to help them standing on solid bases inside the market.

EGITS ACADEMY commits in its basic policy to graduate only qualified individuals and on other hands accepts only certified persons and companies who must be up to the standards needed for the security business.

In EGITS ACADEMY, we don’t only train technical vision; we also train on market possibilities, threats, opportunities, sales operation and marketing. All this we practice on what is known as SWOT analysis (Strength – Weakness – Opportunities – Threats).


  • Access Control & Time Attendance
  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Fire alarm & Intruder Alarm
  • Turnstile Gates & Road Barriers
  • Parking Systems & Ticketing
  • 2D QR Readers for Access Control
  • Road bollards & Blockers
  • X-Ray & Metal Detectors
  • Sound System & Intercom
  • Software (Ready made & Custom)

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