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EGITS Egypt is mainly security consultants and high-end projects Installer Company. We have the largest network of distributors in the country with over 200 business partners. Our main success is we seriously consider our business as the only and most important factor for our life, and so we treat our business theme very carefully and very professionally.

EGITS is very well experienced company of over 10 years existence in Egypt and it holds in its senior staff a lot of senior names with worldwide experience over 15 years with each consultant and the most dynamic engineering team.

Our marketing team is the best in brand building and market share re-distribution to enable us to operate a win-win relation with our vendors- partners and clients

Our capabilities in EGITS are endless as we maintain to upgrade them regularly and up on the latest in technology related to the security products in all categories. Our capabilities come in the following criteria’s:


  • R&D


EGITS is a specialist business providing expert advice & quality cost efficient assistance to customers with a diverse range of security needs. We focus on providing expert security advice, Risk Analysis Reviews & project specifications to our clients. Providing expertise & assistance to clients who require secure & safe facilities, procedures and processes. Specifying & advising, on reliable & cost effective systems & processes to work with your unique & specific business needs.

Our security expertise and depth of knowledge allows us to offer professional support in all areas including system integration advice, system design, site reviews and develop specifications tailored to meet your specific requirements on local, national or international basis.

EGITS is committed to provide initiative based added value to all projects and works undertaken on behalf of our clients, Providing “Experience and Professionalism” in all of our Services. We are committed to:

  • Partner our clients to meet and exceed their expectations
  • Being recognized as the best at what we do by providing the most cost effective, measurable and tangible results
  • The provision of “Excellence” through Quality and Professional Services
  • Maintaining an integrated team of Experienced Professionals using proven and reliable methodology

Expertise and advice catering for all facets of security including:

| Risk Management |Emergency Planning |Personal Security |Electronic security |Protection of sensitive information |Loss prevention |Tender specifications |Automated energy management |Existing system analysis |Training & expert advice |

EGITS is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction through:

Understanding – EGITS seek to gain an understanding of what our customers needs are in concert with understanding the associated risks. We believe understanding is the first step to developing the most appropriate and cost-effective security. By understanding our customer’s needs and the associated risks, we are able to provide suitable advice and services based on expertise in security solutions, risk assessment, and understanding.

Integrity – At EGITS, we base our business on Integrity. We understand the serious nature of our business and the serious nature in which you entrust us with your business.
EGITS provide, develop and utilize a range of simple to use tools to enable our clients to understand the reports and advice being offered which in turn enables you to make informed decisions.

Expertise – We provide expertise and support when you need it most and we maintain a specialist team of qualified, experienced, and fully licensed consultants, engineers, and support staff. EGITS has the experience and expertise to provide you and your business with the right advice, individually tailored to suit your specific requirements and your budget. From the initial consultation, it will become evident that our fully licensed staff follow quality management practices and use logical processes to maintain the highest quality standards in the business. Our company is small enough to maintain and provide personal commitment to our clients yet large enough to undertake and achieve the highest levels of service on each and every one of our projects.

Exceeding Expectations – EGITS endeavor to develop a close relationship with our clients to ensure the advice and services we provide exceed the expectations of our client. As consultants we are not aligned with manufacturers, suppliers, or systems integrators and therefore have no agenda to push a particular brand, product, or provider.

Cost Savings – EGITS provide innovative advice designed to save time, money, and effort. Through a comprehensive understanding of the industry, we will assist you to identify and implement cost saving opportunities. Continually evaluating better ways and better products to provide our valued customers with reliable and sound advice.

Our Staff – EGITS has an extremely solid resource base with highly experienced consultants and specialist key personnel. Our multi-faceted staff, both full and contract, have a total experience exceeding 50 Man Years. Our staffs are specialists in their field and are complemented during heavy workload periods with select personnel, whose expertise in such areas as Lighting and Fire and other niche areas adds to the overall expertise of this organization. All staff has the appropriate Security Clearances to satisfy the most demanding client requirements.



Installation process in EGITS profile committing the best and most reliable fault-free methods to achieve the best results and peace of mind for our clients. Our installers team is with high end engineering back ground and utilized to deal with most complicated scenarios to drive through difficulties using their wide experience and solid base of know-how. Installation process in EGITS is a serious issue that we observe eagle wise all related installed systems in our client’s location considering the integration between different systems and the upgrading process to find a room once heading to.

Our installation process is always headed by experienced engineers and observed by our expertise to approve before handing over to clients. Our team is fully qualified to work our products installation and all related network issues more over our contracted civil work companies are the most reputed and professionals in the field.



In EGITS we are the first ever who initiated the concept of a training academy to maintain the level of our business partners to be always in professional manners and up to date if not beyond the technology by committing their views to refine all existing security products to match
most with our community needs and threats.

EGITS ACADEMY is the first in Middle East to train companies and individuals to drive and maintain their experience in the field to the top and edge of technology. In EGITS ACADEMY we train individuals who show a real interest in the business and we manage with them to become in the market on their own to start building their career for life. In that we do not only build the content, we also support our future partners to go in the market with full confidence and most support to help them standing on solid bases inside the market.

EGITS ACADEMY commits in its basic policy to graduate only qualified individuals and on other hands accepts only certified persons and companies who must be up to the standards needed for the security business.

In EGITS ACADEMY, we don’t only train technical vision; we also train on market possibilities, threats, opportunities, sales operation and marketing. All this we practice on what is known as SWOT analysis (Strength – Weakness – Opportunities – Threats).


  • Access Control & Time Attendance
  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Fire alarm & Intruder Alarm
  • Turnstile Gates & Road Barriers
  • Parking Systems & Ticketing
  • 2D QR Readers for Access Control
  • Road bollards & Blockers
  • X-Ray & Metal Detectors
  • Sound System & Intercom
  • Software (Ready made & Custom)



Our research and development team is committed to the main theme of the name as following all related updates in the business and committing the essential research to ensure that, our company is always up to date with all new technologies and its implementations. Yet the development part is not only on inventing or developing new products from scratch or existing products, it is also engaged mainly in integrating different products to work collectively producing a professional complete solution for all related threats and to cover the vision of our clients in what they are seeking to have. It is also to develop new and completely different usage and implementation for the existing products and technology to serve in a different range of needs, this is to expand the contribution of those products to become more flexible and determine them to be widely used for most benefits out of using them.


In EGITS the after sales support is mainly a principal. We do not only commit that term in our business that is done directly by our other owned companies, yet we commit it on all our partners’ levels. EGITS follows and supervise all business deals and installations done through its partners in reference to after sales support. This principal is to ensure the full satisfaction of our respectable clients, and this would not be reached unless we at EGITS are first satisfied. Satisfaction as a term in business from our own view, only equals professionalism and powerful delivery, moreover accurate over standards follow up to reach the highest of security standards. EGITS is committed also to make its essential follow up with its clients and to deliver its moral and technical support to them to come over any difficulty that might arise.

EGITS always builds its client relation on partnership level that makes it the first interested in its client’s peace of mind and professionally serviced.


In EGITS our software house known as CERT is a professional entity to create all related software to our in profile products and categories. Our main aim is to facilitate all products integration software that is always tailored and flexible to exceed our client’s needs and enriching the business with intelligent software that comes over any defects and deploy its content to be globally matching all environments and all needs. EGITS is proud of the region recognition it’s achieved as a software specialist. We always aim to deliver scalable solutions so that every company, whatever their budget, can continue to enjoy access to our expertise.

Leadership – EGITS leads in the region in a number of key areas, including:

  • Enterprise level application vulnerability research and database security, the development of sophisticated security software and expert consulting services.
  • Our Research Team is constantly hard at work to combat the ever–growing and increasingly sophisticated threats to security software.
  • Based in EGYPT we provide our services to some of the largest and most demanding organizations around the region.
  • EGITS a trusted software partner for some of the largest companies in the ME – and for many key government departments.


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Project Manager

Kareem Abdo

Technical Manager


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EGY DOORS For Automatic doors would like to sincerely thanks EGITS for achieving our project in New Cairo for Access Control & Parking Systems.
Ahmed Ramadan
EGY Doors
I have been dealing with EGITS for 8 years, and I would like to thank all EGITS team for their efforts & latest technology they always provide us.
Ahmed Kamal
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