Additional Response Services Include Response to equipment and machinery alarms.

Licensed Security Officers

Our security personnel are selected for their commitment, professionalism, presentation and integrity. We take particular care to position the right person in the right place, depending on the service required from the public interface of large crowds and retail loss prevention, to the detailed work of surveillance.

EGITS Officers are deployed throughout the country 24 hours a day protecting, providing deterrents and reporting information. Our client base includes international and national corporations, universities, supermarkets, factories, schools and film sets. Our Security officers are focused on identifying security and safety issues, responding and dealing with alarms, while complying with client directives and company operating procedures. All operations staff have site specific manuals, determining the way in which staff operate and specific incident procedures.

EGITS also has rigid and specific standard operating procedures that standard patrolling methods and ensure clients requirements are met. All activities and movements are recorded in manual or digital log books. Whatever your Security Officer requirements, whether long term or short term, EGITS can provide licensed, experienced, motivated and competent staff able to perform a wide range of security activities.

Event Security Services Egypt

Event Security Services

As a Specialist in Leisure Security, we offer highly trained and skilled Event Security Officers or Stewards for your Event and high caliber Professional Door Supervisors for your Venue. Every client has unique security-related concerns. Our experts will work closely with you to pinpoint security risks, set your program goals and help you understand the variety of security solutions that can be used to mitigate your security risks. Based on this intensive assessment process, our experts will design an integrated physical and electronic security solutions optimized for your your needs and budget. Our Professional SIA Door Supervisors are well-known for their positive and outgoing attitude, flexibility and reliability, high standard of personal presentation, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and high level experience in search procedures and customer-facing role.

The following are included as part of the roles and responsibilities of our Door Supervisors. Facilitate the smooth running and operation of the venue.

  • Control ingress and egress of the venue and all exits.
  • To maintain the venues search policy, professionally and politely.
  • To ensure that patrons have a positive experience in a safe environment.
  • Assisting patrons and dealing with their concerns.
  • Observing the behavior of patrons in the venue and maintaining the venues code of practice and conduct, by dealing appropriately and safely with those who are causing of fence and potential danger or risk to themselves or others.
  • To ensure that licensing laws are upheld to prevent any criminal of fences occurring in the venue.

Keep your doors open with EGITS SIA Licensed Door Supervisors! Keep your event safe with EGITS highly trained Event Security Officers and Stewards!

Retail Security Services Egypt

Retail Security Services

As a specialist in Retail Security or Retail Loss Prevention, we have a specialized team of people dedicated to reducing stock shrinkage through shoplifting or theft.

This dedicated team is highly trained in covert “plain-clothes” surveillance and in handling suspects in the most appropriate manner.

Our loss prevention officers are highly skilled and trained in both areas of security and customer service.

EGITS Security can tailor surveillance to your needs from plain clothes to uniform, fixed or random hours, floor walkers or CCTV.

Not only can our dedicated Retail Security operators minimize your ongoing losses, we have also developed short term CCTV options for resolving specific one-off problems with stock losses.

Access Control System

Mobile Patrol Services

Our Mobile Patrol personnel are trained to respond to residential and commercial alarm activation as well as perform set mobile patrol tasks such as the implementation of complete bed down and unlocking procedures on both residential and commercial properties and to respond to emergency situations whilst on duty.

Theft is not the only security threat your business faces today. Staff safety, vandalism, damage to machinery and equipment can have a devastating effect on your business and day to day operations.

Our Mobile Patrol Service is a cost effective solution for protecting your business when you are not there.

Time Attendance Systems

Initial Training Program

Before an officer begins full or part-time employment; they must complete a comprehensive one day training program, which takes place at our regional headquarters in Cairo.

The Initial Training Program is designed to provide an introduction to security, our company, and fundamental procedures.

It is imperative that all recruits pass the Initial Training Program standard.

Alarm Response Egypt

Alarm Response

Your alarm may be monitored but who is going to respond to the alarm when the monitoring center informs you of a problem at 2am.

EGITS can provide a speedy and effective response to the alarm, checking the security of your premises and ensuring all doors and windows are secure.

Should there be signs of forced entry, police and designated after hours contacts are notified.

Additional Response Services Include:

  • Response to equipment and machinery alarms.
  • Duress or distress calls which may require a response.
  • IVR (Interactive Recognition Systems) a computerized welfare check in” system for staff, particularly those on shift work.


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